Anna Gustafsson

Journalist, writer, translator

Hello and Welcome!

I’m Anna, a multifaceted professional with a deep passion for storytelling, history, and archaeology.

**It began with an internship **

At the end of my studies at the University, I got a job at Yle, the National Broadcasting company in Finland. I started as a reporter in the TV news, radio news, and morning news. But actually, my first contact with journalism was already in the 9th grade when I did an internship at a local newspaper. I remember writing a report on local horse sports results, and I thought it was the most incredible job ever!

In the media sector, I have worked as a press attaché at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as a project writer for the City of Helsinki, and as an Editorial manager for Forbes magazine in Finland. In recent years, I have worked with communication companies, writing journalistic content for various stakeholder and customer magazines. I have also done translations, editing, SEO optimisation, and localisation of online texts. Anything related to text!

I have an M.Sc. degree from the University of Helsinki, majoring in communications. I have subsequently completed several professional development courses, such as photography and photo editing.

**Freelancing means freedom & collaboration**

I have lived in many parts of the world and moved from one country to another many times. That’s why freelancing has suited me well. It has also allowed me to dive into different subjects and collaborate with various people, companies, and photographers. I did freelance jobs alongside my regular work until 2018 when I decided to go freelance full-time.  Many clients have been with me since the beginning. I love this job, as I’m naturally very curious and quickly excited by new topics.

I love immersing myself in new cultures, and I always have some language-learning projects in progress. I have lived in several countries in Europe and Asia. Working as a freelancer has also allowed me to delve into history and archaeology.

**Why archaeology? **

Although journalism was my dream profession, history and art have always been huge passions for me. When I moved to Greece in 2020, I had the opportunity to study archaeology. I have recently graduated from the University of Athens (NKUA) with a Master of Arts degree, majoring in Greek and Eastern Mediterranean Archaeology.

**I love Athens**

I live in Athens, and every day I get to admire the Greek way of life, history, and beauty. There is so much to see and experience in Greece. Travelling in a country with such a rich history is always an opportunity to deepen your understanding and knowledge of European history.

**Home anywhere **

Due to my spouse’s international career, I have had the privilege to live in amazing cities worldwide. In particular, I fell in love with Japan, where we lived for four years. I’ve also lived in Beijing and London and feel myself at home in megacities. But during the summer, the best place is definitely the Finnish archipelago. I’ve also spent various periods in the south of France every year for 20 years. My home can be wherever I happen to be.

**Contact me! **

If you are looking for a writer for articles about Greece, the Mediterranean, or tourism, I am happy to write. I also do a lot of work where location doesn’t matter. Covid changed the work culture so that interviews are now mainly conducted online, not face-to-face. I enjoy covering various topics, from business and entrepreneurship to sustainable finance, tourism, food and lifestyle, and especially history and archaeology – I like to do stories on all sorts of subjects.