I am a writer specializing in journalistic content for company customers. I write articles for customer and partner publications, web pages and blogs. I am productive partner in all assignments and most of my clients have been working with me for years. I have experience in handling larger writing projects as production manager as well. I work in close collaboration with photographers and ADs – always delivering the best content for my clients.

Fascinating facts about the ancient Olympics

Did the athletes really compete naked? Were women allowed in the competitions? And what was a sport that could have ended with a death of the opponent? https://www.thecollector.com/interesting-facts-ancient-olympic-games/

Was ancient Athens really a democracy?

Could the solution to the plastic problem come from the forest?

The art of packaging

Urbanisation and population growth are increasing the amount of packaging. Brands can make a difference.

Humour in ancient Greek vase paintings

Ths is a first in a series of articles I have written for The Collector. https://www.thecollector.com/vase-painting-ancient-athens-funny-humor/